My name is Laila and I laugh for no reason. Once I laugh, my ​teammates laugh for no reason. But sometimes, I laugh for a ​reason. And when I laugh for a reason, I cannot stop myself. It's ​like when your grandma turns the TV on, but does not know how ​to turn it off. Or when you start eating Skittles, and you cannot ​stop yourself.

My best ideas come... let's face it, when I'm in the bathroom. So ​if you once find me taking a bit more time in the washroom, ​know that I'm having a brainstorming session with myself.

Moving on, Ronny and I are best friends. It’s crazy how she ​understands me without saying a word. She’s from Australia, ​specifically from Sydney, and loves to give free hugs! Ronny is in ​love with George Clooney. She does not have a phone and has ​never visited a salon. This is her picture, a cutie, isn’t she?